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ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act)
Love it or hate it, the Affordable Care Act looks set to stay. Understanding your rights and obligations can be very confusing, especially with state-by-state differences in ObamaCare, and the effects on Medicare, Medicaid and your existing health insurance arrangements. We help you better understand the ACA in Georgia.
General Health Insurance

Health plans in Georgia are complex. Health insurance providers in Georgia change their health plans constantly as they battle for market share. This makes choosing the right health insurance plan in Georgia quite a challenge! What may seem like affordable health insurance in Georgia may be a more expensive choice.

Small Business Health Insurance
While some employers are moving away from group employee benefit coverage and encouraging employees to sign up to ObamaCare, others see Group health insurance as a means of attracting, retaining and rewarding employees. Employee benefit plans for small business can be affordable and offer great value.

Health Plans in Georgia are complex and there are many pitfalls

We cut through the jargon, the clauses and the ins and outs to give you the best value

Compare Individual Health Plans

Understanding what's covered and what's excluded in individual health plans in GA can seem like a full-time job. The good news is that - for us - comparing individual health insurance plans is what we do best!

Compare Employee Benefit Plans

What are the pros and cons of employee benefit plans, and do you even need one in the ObamaCare era? We will provide GA employee benefit plan options, whether your aim is to attract, retain and/or reward your staff.

Compare Term Life Insurance Plans

Do you have life insurance? More importantly, do you need life insurance? We help you to carefully consider the options open to you from the multitude of insurance firms that offer coverage in the Georgia market.

Don't Be A Casualty Of The Wrong Coverage

Many people think that health insurance is 'set and forget', but in an ever-changing market those people who don't review their health coverage usually end up with inferior or more costly coverage. Check for free.

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