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About the Affordable Care Act

President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (know as Obamacare) in law in March 2010. The law puts in place comprehensive health insurance reforms that are planned to roll out over four years and beyond.

The enrollment program commenced October 2013, and coverage started in January 2014. We are about to enter a new ACA enrollment period for 2017/18.

There has been a great deal of confusion surrounding both the enrollment program and the effects of the law on existing health care policy holders. This has been further affected by the incoming Trump administration, and the fact that some States are planning to opt out of of the program.

In 2017, there are only 45 days for open enrollment from Nov 1 to Dec 15th.

This has left people confused.  For many people in Georgia, it may seem that affordable health insurance is beyond their reach. As the cost of health insurance in Georgia continues to rise, finding affordable family health insurance becomes a priority for individuals and businesses.

Affordable Health Care explained: Short Video

With many employers no longer offering health cover, individuals are forced to look for their own affordable health care options in GA.

You've come to the right place: in this blog we give you unbiased advice on finding affordable health insurance from the many providers in GA., whether or not your qualify for Obamacare.


Selecting the right provider of affordable health insurance in Georgia depends upon your circumstances.  A health care provider that is best for an individual, for example, may not be an ideal provider of affordable family health insurance.

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