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Blue Cross Blue Shield Georgia

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia is the oldest and one of the largest health insurance providers in Atlanta and Georgia.

Blue Cross, also known as BCBS of GA, is one of the leading health insurance companies in Georgia.

Blue Cross of GA is also a part of the wellpoint insurance companies.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia will be participating in the health insurance market place in 2015 for both individual as well as the small business SHOP plans.

Blue Cross of GA will be adding 14 new small group plans with lower deductible and co-insurance options.  Blue Cross will offer composite rates, the surcharge for tobacco use will be removed and all of the plans will have combined medical and Rx expenses count toward the out of pocket maximums.  The new small group plans will also include an embedded pediatric dental where as previously it was offered as a rider. 

The Pathway network will also be an option on all plans which is continually growing.  The Pathway network has added approximately 1000 new providers since January of 2014. The 3 SHOP plans with Blue Cross will remain with minimal changes for 2015.

Blue Cross of GA will also be adding 8 new individual plans off exchange.  Current HMO plans in GA will remain on as well as off exchange.  There will be new 2015 select formulary for prescriptions included in all plans.  The new Blue Cross plans for 2015 will feature an embedded pediatric and vision in all plans.  The Pathway network will also be included in all HMO plans on as well as off the exchange.

BCBS group health insurance

BCBS has a variety of group health plans in Georgia also. Blue Cross Georgia is a leading health insurance provider for business.