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Employee Benefits Georgia

Employee benefits include health insurance, dental cover, vision, 401k as well as vacation days. Employee benefits in Georgia seem to be on a decline with many employers opting to cancel their employee benefits programs due to increase in the cost of group health insurance cover.

Many people view employee benefits as FREE health insurance. Health insurance benefits are not free, by any means. Employee benefits in Georgia are a significant cost to employers.

Why pay employee benefits?

Employee benefits are key to retaining quality employees. Many employees in Georgia stay put just for the group health insurance employee benefits.

Employee benefits - how to use health insurance brokers

Many employee benefits brokers in Georgia are not providing the support that enables employers to get the best out of health insurance benefits.

Group Census Form

Some employee benefits brokers may only see their clients once a year and this is not frequent enough to keep employers up-to-date with employee benefits trends and options.

To get the best out of employee benefits, clients should insist upon on-going support and service throughout the year. A good employee benefits broker can take away up to 90% of a client's employee benefits headaches at no additional cost compared to dealing with the health insurance provider direct.