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Georgia Peachcare

Georgia PeachCare for Kids is affordable health insurance for Georgia's uninsured children. Georgia PeachCare is a great program for eligible families. The primary purpose of the Georgia PeachCare program is to provide comprehensive health insurance for kids up to age 18.

Kids' health insurance is of course critical for their wellbeing, but it may seem out of reach for some families.

To qualify for Georgia PeachCare child health insurance, your household income must be below 235% of the federal poverty level and your children should not be eligible for Medicaid.

This means families with earnings up to $41,000 to $49,000 may qualify for the Georgia PeachCare health insurance program. You can find out more about Georgia PeachCare program by clicking here.

If your children are not be eligible for the Georgia PeachCare program, there are other affordable kids' health insurance options available, and this blog will feature articles on child health insurance and family health cover options for everyone in Georgia.