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Group Health Insurance Plans

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There seems to be more affordable group health insurance plans in Georgia than individual insurance plans.

Group health insurance is of course a great way for employers to retain and reward employees. Employer sponsored group health insurance premiums may be tax deductible, whereas, individual health insurance is not.

As the cost of group health insurance in Georgia rises, employers are always searching for a more affordable group health plan.

Group Census Form

Group Health Insurance for small business

Since many employers in Georgia do not fund 100% for employee health insurance, finding an affordable group health plan in GA becomes even more important for employees. It should be easy to compare small businesses group health insurance plans, but it can be time consuming and confusing.

It is suggested that employers compare rates and group health insurance benefits once a year during their open enrollment period. An experienced employee benefits broker can help. Administration of group health insurance plans can also be time consuming. A brokers employee benefits facility can take away up to 90% of group health insurance hassles.