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Kaiser Permanente Georgia

Kaiser Permanente Georgia (Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia Inc) is a leader in health insurance, with locations in Atlanta and throughout GA.

Kaiser Permanente is participating on the health insurance marketplace exchange for 2014 and will also be participating in 2015 for individuals and small business SHOP plans in Georgia.  Individuals eligible for tax credits and subsidies may also choose Kaiser as one of the insurance companies in Georgia.

Kaiser HMO Health Insurance

Kaiser Georgia is best known for HMO health insurance plans. Kaiser has a number of different types of HMO health insurance plans in Georgia for Individuals.

Kaiser Georgia has 15 direct facilities. Kaiser also has hundreds of affiliated physicians and top hospitals in Atlanta and regional GA as part of their Georgia Network

Senior citizen health plans offered by Kaiser

Kaiser Permanente Georgia also has a "Medicare Advantage" plan for senior citizens on Medicare.

Group health insurance offered by Kaiser

Kaiser Georgia offers a selection of group health insurance plans:

Kaiser "Multi Choice" Health Plans offer a variety of health insurance options for Georgia residents.