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Medicare Open Enrollment Has Begun

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a great weekend!  It certainly was a beautiful weekend here in Georgia.  My wife and I had gone to the mountains over the weekend to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary, which also happens to be today!

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that Medicare Open Enrollment began on October 15th and will go thru December 7th and we are all set to serve you.  

This is just for your info, but most people do not realize what all we have to go thru to sell Medicare plans for our clients.  

First, we have to take the Medicare certification exam each year and make a 90% or higher, then we have to take a certification exam for each company we want to represent for their medicare advantage plans and make a 90% or higher there.  And on top of that, sometimes we have to attend a face to face training for many of the insurance companies we want to represent.  As you can imagine, this is all very time consuming.

With that said, we are all set with most of the companies for their Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage plans.  This year, my wife Pari will be assisting you with your Medicare needs along with my help.  If you or any of your friends would like to compare your options, please feel free to call her at her direct number at 678-335-1143.

Individual Health Insurance Open Enrollment will also begin on November 1st thru January 31st and we are prepared to help you with that also.  Keep an eye out for our up coming webinars and updates.

We thank you for your continued friendship and patronage as well as your referrals.

Have a great week!


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Piedmont, WellStar discontinuing Medicaid Advantage in 2016

After just 2 years, WellStar Health System and Piedmont Healthcare are dropping key parts of their joint health insurance plan.

Citing increasing costs, the two metro Atlanta systems have told medical providers that they’re discontinuing their Medicare Advantage plan for next year.

Those currently benefiting from the plan (around 12,000 people) will have options to switch to another Advantage plan or to receive care in the traditional program offered by the two healthcare organisations.

In addition to the 12,000 who were on the Medicare Advantage plan, the health plan will also end its offering for employees of Piedmont and WellStar at the end of the year. About 35,000 employees and dependents were estimated to be eligible for coverage from the Piedmont WellStar HealthPlans at the launch of the program. They will be served by other health insurers in 2016. Are you going to be affected?


Why don't I qualify for Medicaid or Obamacare

If you live in Georgia, the reason is because of a change in law.

About 300,000 people in Georgia do not qualify for coverage under Medicaid and do not qualify for subsidies to buy insurance under the ACA through the Health Insurance Marketplace. When the law was originally passed, people with incomes above the federal poverty level would be eligible to qualify for subsidies to help them purchase insurance in the mar­ket­place, while people at or below 138 percent of that level would be covered under a mandatory expansion of Medicaid in every state. More

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court decision back in 2012 made that expansion voluntary, and many states, including Georgia decided not to expand Medicaid, leaving many poor people without either option, and still uninsured.

Some say that the state cannot afford the additional insurance costs, while others disagree. Unfortunately for the time being that particular issue is here to stay.


Expanding Medicaid to beat the coverage gap

It seems like you just can't win ...

One the one hand

Georgia Medicaid provides health coverage to roughly 1.8 million mostly poor children, pregnant women, seniors and people with disabilities. Expansion would add about 600,000 people to the Medicaid rolls, mostly low-income adults without children.

Meanwhile, an estimated 300,000 people fall into a so-called “coverage gap” in which they make too much money to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to qualify for federal tax credits to buy on the Affordable Care Act marketplace.

Census: Fewer Georgians lack health insurance, but state still lags


CareSource to add 300 new jobs in Georgia's expansion of Medicaid contracts

As we have mentioned recently, the DCH has announced it will award Medicaid contracts to CareSource, and as a direct result, it will create 300 new jobs, including 100 in Dayton to cope with the expansion.

Dayton-based CareSource has been selected to provide Medicaid managed care services for an estimated 200,000 eligible recipients in Georgia, where it plans to establish a southern regional headquarters in Atlanta — which would be the company’s only other headquarters location outside of Dayton.

The expansion into Georgia, effective July 2016, will create 300 jobs, including an estimated 100 employees in Dayton to support the new business, and nearly 200 employees to staff the southern regional headquarters, CareSource said Wednesday.