Small Business Medical Insurance GA

Small business health insurance in Georgia covers businesses and other groups that have a small employment roll. Many small groups (business and not-for-profit entities) in Georgia enroll in association group health plans to access affordable small business health insurance. For example, local Chambers of Commerce may provide the 'association group' that allows small business to get affordable group health insurance.

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Costs and benefits of small business group insurance in GA

Small group health insurance for entities with 2-5 employees is often more expensive than comparable individual health insurance policies. Why? Group health insurance providers in Georgia, by law, must accept everyone covered by the group health plan. For example, Maternity health insurance cannot be excluded according to HIPAA laws. For that reason, small business group health insurance is ideal for people with pre-existing health conditions.

A Group Health Plan may be tax deductible by the entity, and the small group health insurance premiums may also be tax deductible for employees under a "125 premium only" health insurance plan. Self employed persons can deduct 100% of their health insurance costs.

The market for small business health insurance

Health insurance for small business is on the rise due to the number of entrepreneurs entering the market place.

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In the early days of a new enterprise, attracting and rewarding employees with an affordable group health plan is a crucial success factor.

Some small businesses also look at employee leasing plans as an affordable health insurance option.